When is Dental Bonding Appropriate?

Do you have teeth that are misshapen, chipped or oddly spaced? You may be a candidate for dental bonding. This simple, yet effective, cosmetic dentistry treatment can change the shape of your teeth using composite resin. At Converse Dentistry, we offer cosmetic dental bonding for our patients that have small dental flaws they wish to change to improve their smile.

Dental bonding uses composite resin, a putty-like substance that can be applied to teeth and hardened for a durable new surface. Composite resin can be color-matched to your teeth, blending to create an almost invisible repair. This material can be used to cover discolorations, for white-fillings, or to change the shape of your teeth. The procedure can be done in one office visit and is painless.

Tooth Repair with Dental Bonding

One of the most common cosmetic purposes for dental bonding is repairing a tooth. A chipped tooth can be restored to its original shape by using composite resin to replace the lost tooth material. The resin is applied and shaped, then hardened using a specialized tool. Composite resin is durable and can last for decades, making it an affordable and long-lasting option for tooth repair.

Another common cosmetic dental issue is gaps between teeth. Dental bonding can be used to add tooth-colored material to the teeth on either side of the gap. With careful and precise formation, the gap is closed while keeping a natural appearance to the teeth.

If you have small dental flaws that you would like to hide, dental bonding may be an option. Converse Dentistry offers professional bonding to fix many common cosmetic issues. Most dental bonding procedures can be completed in one visit, changing the appearance of your smile. This is a quick, affordable solution to repair chipped teeth, cover discoloration, or close gaps in your smile. Contact us today.