Children's Dentistry

Providing a fun, interactive dental experience for our littlest patients is a joy for us at Converse Dentistry. We know dental care can be scary for children, which is why we make an extra effort to take away that fear. Our team loves kids and uses every tool in our arsenal to make visits to our office stress-free. We strive to make coming to our office a pleasant experience for your child, with family scheduling with their siblings, kid-friendly amenities and our pain management technology.


video games in our play area
cuddly, stuffed animal during their visits
No-shot Dental Filings
Balloon Animals Kids
Same Day Treatment

Distraction is a key tool in relieving stress for children. Converse Dentistry is full of fun distractions for your kids. We have video games in our play area and their favorite Netflix programs on TVs mounted to the ceiling during their treatments. We make kids comfortable with a warm blanket, pillow, and a cuddly, stuffed animal during their visits. This helps put them at ease while we care for their beautiful smiles.

Family Scheduling

Less stress for mom or dad can also make it less stressful for the kids when it comes to dental care treatments. Converse Dentistry offers family-block appointments to make it easier to get dental treatments for the entire family in one trip. This can save time and money, plus kids feel more comfortable knowing that their family is present during their visit. We offer extended hours to make it easier to fit your family's dental care into your hectic schedule.

Pain Control

We never want to see your child upset at Converse Dentistry. We implement stress-relieving techniques and distraction amenities to put your child at ease. We also invest in the latest dental technology for pain control. Our practice uses DentalVibe, a painless injection option that eliminates the pinching pain of dental anesthesia. In addition, we have shot-free fillings and sedation options that can ensure your child never suffers pain or discomfort during their dental visits.

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Goodie Area

We provide our children patients with a fun experience during their visit. They can pick out their own toothbrush, grab a large stuffed animal, receive stickers throughout the procedure for good behavior, watch cartoons while in the chair, and finally receive the valuable “Toy Token” which gives them a toy from our toy vending machine. Kids are excited to come back for their next visit!