Pain Control

One of the reasons people fear going to the dentist is the possibility of pain, especially those that experience anxiety during injections. With family dentistry from Converse Dentistry, we alleviate this fear by offering effective pain management options for our patients. New dental technology is available to reduce and eliminate pain during treatment, giving patients a comfortable, stress-free experience. One way we provide minimized discomfort is with our painless injection techniques and technology.

Our High-Tech Secret Weapon - The DentalVibe

For many, it is not the dental treatments that give them anxiety but the needles used to inject the anesthesia before treatment. We utilize a high-tech secret weapon to help our patients feel little to no pain during injections – the DentalVibe. This piece of advanced dental technology creates a vibration on the gums before an injection, communicating with the nerves and brain to disrupt any pain sensation. Most patients never feel their injection of anesthesia when the DentalVibe is used, helping them relax and be stress-free during their treatment.

Our 3-Step Comfort Injection Technique

dentalvibe device

To make the DentalVibe device even more effective in eliminating pain during injections, we combine it with two other techniques for effective pain control for our patients. This three-step process starts with a numbing gel that is applied to the gums. The second step is using a warmed anesthetic solution that also helps minimize sensation in the gums. Thirdly, we use the DentalVibe device immediately before the injection to block pain signals to the brain. In most cases, the injection is over without our patients ever feeling anything but a soothing vibration on their gums.

At Converse Dentistry, everything we do is with our patients' comfort and care in mind. Our pain control options for injections and sedation dentistry services ensure we can provide excellent, painless dental care for all our patients with dental anxiety. Come experience a new kind of dental care that puts your comfort first at Converse Dentistry. Contact our office today to schedule an appointment for painless dental care.