Receding Gum Treatment

Receding gums are gums that pull away from the teeth. While this dental issue is a common one among dental patients, it is a very serious concern that requires professional intervention. Converse Dentistry in Converse, Texas, provides receding gum treatment that can restore your oral health and prevent further gum recession from damaging your smile.

Many people tend to overlook gum recession because they do not understand what a big issue it is. The truth is, gum recession leaves your teeth vulnerable to infection and death. Your gum tissues protect the roots of your teeth, and they help to hold the teeth securely within the jawbone. When the gums recede from the teeth, the roots are exposed to temperature changes, bacteria and trauma. Exposed tooth roots are extremely sensitive, causing jolts of pain to occur when you eat or drink. They are also extremely vulnerable to bacterial infection from the plaque that coats your teeth throughout each day.

Bacteria-laden plaque is the most common cause of gingivitis and severe gum disease. When this plaque is not removed from the teeth through daily flossing, the bacteria will produce acids that will erode the gum tissues and cause them to pull away from the teeth. Brushing the teeth with too much force is also another common cause of receding gums. The experts at Converse Dentistry will evaluate your mouth. They will accurately determine the cause of your gum recession to provide you with the most appropriate treatment to restore your smile.

Relief for Bleeding or Swollen Gums

Bleeding or swollen gums are always a symptom of a severe oral health concern. Choosing to ignore these symptoms will not make your situation better. In fact, ignoring them will only make it worse. The mouth does not have the same healing properties as the rest of the body. Receding, bleeding or swollen gums or any type of infection or decay inside the mouth, will require intervention to promote healing.

At Converse Dentistry, we believe in providing comprehensive and comfortable care in a soothing atmosphere. Bleeding or swollen gums are often easy to treat and reverse when treatment is provided early. Thorough cleanings and routine dental care can remove damaging tartar build up, prevent it from becoming a persistent problem and protect your smile for years to come. If you need relief for bleeding or swollen gums, contact Converse Dentistry to schedule an appointment for excellent gum care treatment.