Root Canal Therapy

At Converse Dentistry, we never want our patients to be in pain. However, if a tooth becomes infected, pain is likely to accompany this severe tooth condition. When decay and bacteria find their way into the interior canal where the nerve root resides, this can cause inflammation, abscesses and infection without dental treatment. This can result in extreme pain. Root canal therapy can alleviate this pain and preserve the health of your tooth.

Your teeth are comprised of layers, beginning with the strong exterior shell of enamel that covers the dentin. Inside the tooth is a chamber or canal that holds the softer pulp of the tooth, with the nerve root at the center. When decay or bacteria infiltrate this interior canal due to deep cavities, cracks, or other damage to the outer tooth, infection can take hold. This can cause irritation to the nerve, causing the pain that often leads to a call to our office for relief.

Root Canals Offer Pain Relief for Infected Teeth!

For some reason, root canal therapy has been tied to the pain that this treatment relieves. The procedure is not painful; the infection and inflammation it treats is what causes extreme tooth pain. At Converse Dentistry, we want to assure our patients that root canals at our office will be performed with your comfort in mind. Our treatment rooms are equipped with comfort amenities to make you feel at ease. We also offer painless injections and sedation options for additional pain relief during your root canal.

During the procedure, our endodontist will remove the infected pulp and nerve root from the interior of your tooth. The canal will be disinfected to stop any infection or inflammation in the area. Once the tooth canal is sterilized, we will fill and seal it. The source of the pain and infection will be gone, with minimal discomfort as it heals.

Root canals are nothing to fear when you come to Converse Dentistry. We strive to make every procedure as painless as possible for our patients. Root canal therapy can stop the pain caused by infection and save a tooth that would otherwise need extraction. Contact Converse Dentistry first when you need relief from a painful or infected tooth.