Tooth Pain Relief

If you are experiencing any type of tooth pain, do not ignore it. A painful tooth is an indication that there is a serious concern within your mouth that needs to be evaluated by your dentist. Tooth pain is the most common symptom of a damaged, infected or decaying tooth, and none of these problems will heal on its own. At Converse Dentistry, we provide tooth pain relief by accurately diagnosing the cause of your tooth pain.

As with any health concern, it is essential that the root cause of the issue is found so that it can be properly treated. Without proper intervention, any infection or decay will only worsen and subject the neighboring teeth, gum tissues and eventually the entire mouth to the same fate. The team at Converse Dentistry is committed to your oral health. Our practice is designed around providing a soothing atmosphere that offers excellence in dentistry services. We are able to repair cracked, broken, damaged and infected teeth. We treat receding gums and perform root canals to relieve your pain. Please do not ignore any discomfort within your mouth. Call us today.

Treatment for Jaw Pain

If you suffer from chronic morning headaches, sore jaw muscles, a stiff neck or even ringing in the ears, you may be suffering from TMJ or TMD. Jaw pain affects more than just the back portion of the mouth, and effective treatment for jaw pain requires accurate diagnosis. Our comprehensive dental practice treats patients of all ages with excellence and a gentle touch.

Stress from teeth grinding or clenching is one of the most common causes of jaw pain. This stress puts a great deal of force on the temporomandibular joint, causing it to become sore, strained or even out of place. Our practice offers excellence in accurately diagnosing the cause of your jaw pain. This is so we will be able to provide the best treatment plan possible. We understand that constant pain or discomfort can interrupt your day to day life. Contact our dental practice today to schedule an appointment to help you find an appropriate treatment for your jaw pain.